Meeting of NWO RC3 Organisms in their environment:

Explaining trends in biodiversity by scaling up from organism-environment relationships

Date: April 8th 2024

Venue: Utrecht University Botanic Gardens , Budapestlaan 17, Utrecht (Serre, in the greenhouse)

Goals: bring together members of our research community to (1) discuss approaches to better understand organisms and interactions across scales and (2) explore upscaling organism-environment relationships and (3) stimulate connections to large scale biodiversity initiatives

Please register before March 17th by emailing to . Please indicate if you will join for lunch and/or drinks. The program also includes members pitching their research in 5 minutes in sessions 1-4. You can add information about your pitch and the preferred session (1-4) when registering and the organizers will let you know if you are selected to pitch.


10.30-11.00 arrival (with coffee)

11.00-12.15 Content sessions

1. Innovative research methods to study the role of above and below ground biodiversity in plant functioning

Plenary speaker: Yann Hautier, Utrecht University

2. Plants are not alone- the plant holobiome with a focus on the rhizobiome

Plenary speaker: George Kowalchuk, Utrecht University

3. Plant-animal interactions: hunting, seed dispersal and forest recovery in tropical forests

Plenary speaker: Marijke van Kuijk, Utrecht University

12.15-13.30 Vega(n) lunch, with tours to either BioClive or NPEC facilities

13.30-14.15 Content sessions

4. Bending the curve of insect decline (from physiology to populations and ecological communities)

Plenary speaker: Wilco Verberk, Radboud University

5. Biodiversity initiatives and links to the research community

Hans de Kroon, Radboud University


Roundtable discussion regarding the contribution of our research committee to biodiversity research (initiatives, infrastructure)



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